About Us

Dani Construction has been operating in the construction market since 2016; within a short period of time, the company was able to finish several regional projects successfully and presently, company keeps its image of credibility on the local construction market.
Our Company employs highly qualified personnel with many years of experience, as well as young and development-oriented staff. The Dani Construction Company team is constantly ready to explore customer requirements, ensure proper planning of works and their proper fulfillment.
The main business field of our company is construction. "Dani Construction" offers natural and legal entities the full range of construction-renovation projects or any part of it, including:
• Designing works;
• Construction of residential, public, industrial, hotel and other types of building;
• Renovation works;
• Earthworks;
• Construction of road infrastructure;

Currently, the company has extensive experience in the construction of various profiles in its portfolio and includes various facilities such as residential buildings, hotels of international brand, clinics, factories, catering facilities, etc.